Professional Development

The online Professional Development series is the perfect
combination of engaging professionl content and modern
online technology.

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Professional development has continued to grow in popularity and necessity, with more and more professionals choosing to enrol in courses that can benifit them both personally and professionally.

Our well designed online courses have been developed to engage professionals with the rapidly changing pace of modern professional practices and technology.

Professional Development

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By completing the short courses below, participants can add to their professional skill set and professional opportunities, whilst avoiding commitment to full qualification.

Business Capability

Develop work priorities
Manage personal work priorities and professional development
Manage meetings
Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities
Plan market research
Undertake project work

Leadership & Management

Communicate effectively as a workplace leader
Lead effective workplace relationships
Lead team effectiveness
Manage quality customer service

Business Administration

Workplace Health & Safety in the Office
Work effectively with diversity
Process customer complaints
Deliver and monitor a service to customers
Organise schedules