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What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

A recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the recognition of knowledge and skills from life or work experience, or any type of training the student may have previously undertaken.

RPL could provide you with a full or part qualification, and avoid duplication of training. It could be used to identify what training you may need to complete a qualification, or could provide a pathway to higher qualifications.

Recognition of prior learning suits people who have 2 years or more industry relevant:

– Work skills or knowledge
– Paid or unpaid work experience
– Life experience
– Community work experience

To learn more about how RPL works and what you need to do read more below.
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Steps to RPL

Free Skills Assessment

Complete the online skills assessment. We will then be in touch to discuss your goals and help you choose the most suitable qualification for your specific RPL .

Evidence Gathering

We will request you provide us with evidence to support the experience or prior training that you would like to use in your RPL application. This can include refrence letters, certificates, work samples, etc.


Once our assessors have reviewed your evidence portfolio, a phone meeting with be booked for a compentency conversation and a pratical observation if required. This will verify that you have the skills you claim.

Gap Training

After we have assessed your current skill level, our trainers will advise and help you undertake the training neccessary to fulfill the requirments of your desired qualification, if required.


When the qualification requirements have been fulfilled by either verified experience or in combination with gap training, the final qualification will be issued.

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