RPL & Credit Transfer

Get recognised today!

What is RPL?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is the recognition of knowledge and skills from life, work experience or any type of training you may have previously undertaken.

With RPL it’s possible to reduce the time it takes to get your qualification, or you may not need to study at all. RPL also can provide a pathway to higher qualifications.

RPL suits people who have 2 years or more industry relevant:

  • Work skills or knowledge
  • Paid or unpaid work experience
  • Life experience
  • Community work experience
  • Previous study


Reduced time to complete
Reduced costs
Credit towards university degree
Recognised qualification for your industry



Step 1 - Complete an online, no obligation skills assessment


Step 2 - Complete an LLN and conduct a quick phone interview with one of our friendly staff


Step 3 - You will be given a conditional offer pending the gathering of your supporting evidence


Step 4 - Conduct a quick phone call with staff and complete an online questionnaire at your own pace with more in-depth questioning, and submit your evidence


Step 5 - A final decision will be made, and you will either be enrolled to complete gap training or issued with your certificate if no gaps are identified


5 Steps to RPL

Complete the online skills assessment. Then book a call to discuss your goals choose the most suitable qualification for your RPL.
An initial call to discuss your skills assessment and gather a better idea of your experience.
Once our assessors have reviewed your experience portfolio and completed a phone interview, you will be issued with a conditional offer.
Enrol in the RPL Assessment and provide evidence to support your RPL application. This can include reference letters, certificates, work samples, etc.
A final call to discuss your RPL and a decision on any gap training will be made. At this point, you will either be enrolled in further study or your qualification will be complete.